About Sana Med

Sana Med Pharmaceutical Company, located in Semnan province, Eyvanakai Industrial Complex, with more than 11000 square meters of infrastructure consisting of 4 production zones with the aim of producing highest quality pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, soft gels and effervescent tablets. The company succeeded in obtaining the establishment license in 2014 and commenced operation in 2017 by acquiring pharmaceutical production license from the Ministry of Health of Iran.

The production site of Sana Med Pharmaceutical includes 3 separate zones: Pharma 1 unit (production of tablets, capsules and soft gel capsules, Pharma 2 unit (with production lines for tablets, capsules and effervescent tablets) and Pharma 3 unit (dedicated site to produce special drugs in the form of tablets and capsules (OEB 3), which are designed and implemented in accordance with international standards and under supervision of EU Pharma consultants during the period of 2010 to 2015. Each of the production units of this complex is designed and equipped with separate warehouses, air handling and HVAC systems, water supply, production equipment and machinery with the latest technology and validated to achieve the quality goals of the company. To this date, in collaboration with highly skilled Production, Management, R&D and Laboratory Technicians in accordance with GMP guidelines 65 products consisting of Medicines and Dietary Supplements in various forms and dosages have been successfully launched and developments of new products are in line with annual projections.
Innovation, up-to-date scientific and technology knowledge, and our focus on continuously improving the quality, standards, and training of personnel is our mission.
Up-to date knowledge and technology, expert and dedicated team to produce high quality products, focus on continuously improving the quality, standards, technology, work environment, training of personnel, and consumer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Receipt of GMP certificate for three consecutive years from the Food and Drug Administration of Minsistry of Health of Iran, Certificate of Accredited Authorized Quality Control Unit, Accreditation of our laboratories this year, receipt of Premiers Award as select production and research and development unit for three consecutive years from Semnan Industries and Mines Organization, ISO9001, ISO14001, And in process of obtaining European GMP certificate is major achievement for our innovative company.

The senior management of the company is responsible for ensuring the establishment of an effective drug quality system in order to achieve the quality goals of the factory. Also, quality assurance unit, responsibility for designing and implementing components of pharmaceutical quality system and other factory units, including research and development units, quality control, production, warehouse, planning, sales, trade, informatics, office, etc., responsibility for accompanying senior management and The quality assurance unit is responsible for creating and maintaining this system.



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